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The following areas of expertise reflect skill and experience gained in over 30 years of professional practice, critical thinking, collaboration, innovation, and achievement:


Webb Nichols & Associates, Cambridge, MA
Principal/Owner (1970- 2014)


Cannon Design, Inc. Boston MA
Vice President


Steffian Bradley Architects Boston, MA
Senior Associate


FHCMS Architects Boston, MA
Director of Business Development


Ellenzweig, Cambridge, MA
Assistant Project Manager



Jones, Hill, McFarland & Ellis, Plano, TX

Colliers International, Boston, MA

Polshek & Partners, New York, NY

The Architects Collaborative, Cambridge, MA

Architecture & Urban Design0%
Professional Writing & Journalism0%
Project Coordination & Management0%
Business & Client Development0%
Technical Assistance & Detailing 0%
Idea Organization & Implementaion0%
Construction & Cabinetry0%



Designing single and multifamily housing, medical, educational, industrial, and commercial buildings involving new construction, renovation, and restoration.

Crosswoods Winery,  North Stonington, CT
[W. Nichols, w/B. Lipman and R. Arthur] 1982-1984 Hugh and Susan Connell – Owners.

Design and construction of a 40,000 gallon wine processing facility to be placed in an existing three-barn complex built in the mid 19th and early 20th centuries. The adaptive re-use of the existing structures involved adjustment of the industrial wine process requirements to difficult site and building constraints.

Minnesota State Capitol Competition,
State of Minnesota- Owner

A 400,000 SF underground annex to the existing Minnesota Capitol building to meet the expanding needs of the Minnesota Historical Society and the State Legislature. Because of the size and nature of the building program and the desire to maintain the visual and historical aspect of the original structures and open space, the annex was placed underground. The new annex and the ceremonial entry court to the south mirror the original Capitol building in proportion as described in the derivation geometric diagram.

Morgens House,
Waitsfield, VT

Assume ownership of an existing construction company and build two single family houses on a 4.5 acre wooded site. Work includes field supervision, cost analysis, production scheduling and management of the field crew and subcontractors.

Constable Residence/ House 14  Constable Sherborn, MA
John & Sylvia Constable-Owner

Renovation and addition to a 19th Century country house. The new addition reflects the 19th Century country house in its organization of interior space, walls and exterior openings with reference to Italian architecture in the creation of  an internal loggia at ground level. [W. Nichols w/ E. Duffy]

Hotel Huron/ House 16 
Cambridge, MA
Webb & Jane Nichols- Owner 

Renovation and additions to an existing Neo-Colonial residence built in 1905. The architectural organizing idea was resolution of the tension between the planes and axes of the front and back streets which bound the property. A new courtyard was created by excavating a sloping site down to the basement level and adding a new kitchen façade, rear entry and porch along with new exterior basement walls below. Within the house a new kitchen, toilet and basement office space reflect the  organization of both the existing house and the new construction. 1989-1990.


Preparing newspaper and magazine articles, project proposals, studies, and reports for a wide range of projects and audiences.

Currently authored over 28 articles for the Globe covering Architecture and Urban Design issues in Boston.


Detailed construction of wood, steel, and concrete buildings; preparing construction documents and specifications; developing and using both standard CSI formats and innovative graphic and material, and equipment indexing systems.

Conducted “Project Document Reviews”; assisting in the accurate coordination of the design and building systems to eliminate conflicts, errors, and omissions; to maximize the performance of materials and equipment; and to reduce planning, construction, and facility operating costs.

Senior Associate,  Steffian Bradley Associates:
2001 Expansion – Holy Family Hospital, Methuen MA

Assume project management responsibilities for a 20 million dollar renovation and new addition project entering the construction document phase. Edit  construction documents and review detailing along with managing Life Safety and Code Analysis and preparation  of the Department of Public Health Plan. Project responsibilities extend through the  beginning of construction.

1999 Additions & Renovations
Caritas Norwood Hospital, Norwood MA

In assuming project coordination responsibilities in the preparation of the construction documents and the coordination of consulting engineers, edit documents and review layouts and details.

Project Coordinator, James Stewart Polshek and Partners:

NYU Medical Center/Multi-Use Facility

Supervise preparation of construction documents for the interim operation phase  renovation at hospital and assist in development of the construction documents for 200 million dollar bio-molecular, office and residential facility along with specific coordination of the specifications. Construction documents include 500 drawings and 3 volumes of specifications.

George  Washington  Hall Performing Arts Facility
Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

Took over project already under construction. Resolve technical conflicts between  Architectural and Engineering disciplines and provide construction administration coordinating work with client and contractor through the initial stages of construction.

Consultant, The Architects Collaborative
Khulafa Street Projects Baghdad, Iraq

Direct and manage a technical coordination team overseeing five simultaneous multi-use projects. Construction documents include  over 3,000 sheets of drawings, 6 volumes of specifications, and 18 volumes of bills of quantity. Research and develop drawing practice and document, material, and equipment referencing systems; drawing and  specification formats; standard construction detail data base; computerized schedules; and an 8,700 unit material and equipment index.

Consultant, Gorman Richardson Architects:

Phase 2A & 2B EMC-176 South Street Hopkinton, MA:

Provide internal quality control review an project document A&E coordination for a 200,000 SF computer storage manufacturing facility. Develop computerized construction database.

EMC-Bellingham Campus, Bellingham, MA

Initiate early construct-ability studies and detail review for new manufacturing facility.

Consultant, Collective Wisdom Corporation:

Quality control review of University of Florida proton facility. Review documents produced by another architectural firm for accuracy, consistency, errors and omissions.


Developing appropriate and innovative solutions to project challenges; planning project implementation; mobilizing resources; and motivating project teams to execute work  which meets or exceeds expectations.

Senior Project Manager, Colliers International, Boston, MA:

North Bennet Street School Street School, Boston , MA

Undertake a variety of tasks including inspection of construction, review of both CM Invoices and schedules and subcontractor material and equipment submittals, preparing and managing an equipment move. and Senior Project Manager, Colliers International, Boston, MA

YWCA Property Protection, Boston MA

 Develop integrated construction monitoring requirements for client property and asset protection. prepare and issue RFP/RFQ requirements for the assessment and monitoring team and undertake cost reduction and budget reconciliation to maximize consultant services within budget constraints.

Assistant Project Manager,
Ellenzweig, Cambridge, MA:

David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Managed consultant coordination and document production, including drawings and specifications, for the design and construction of a 350,000 square foot, $198 million cancer research facility.

Project Coordinator, Polshek & Partners, New York, NY:

New York University Medical Center, Multi-Use Facility, New York, NY

Developed and managed project coordination between client, architect, and engineers in preparation of construction documents and specifications for the $200 million bi-molecular laboratories, office, and residential facility.


Develop and successfully implement strategies to identify and reach new clients and projects to both create new client relationships and to expand existing and new client markets.

Development Adviser CSK Mechanical Inc., Lowell, MA

Assist Owner in developing and implementing a strategy for both outreach and bringing his invention “The WeldVac” to market.

Director of Business Development FHCMS Architects, Boston, MA

Began marketing and project outreach initiative for business development. Work includes conducting a strategic planning exercise and market sector analysis.

Principal Omnium Partners, Cambridge, MA/Webb Nichols Architect, Watertown,MA

When managing his own architectural practice, conducts client outreach and to obtain residential, educational and commercial projects.

Vice President Cannon Design Inc., Boston , MA

While Vice President, among other responsibilities develops contacts and arrange presentations with Yale University, Cornell University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Fleet Bank among other potential clients.

Vice President/ Senior Architect  DiGiorgio Associates, Boston, MA 

As part of his responsibilities for business development, develops client contacts and presentations with Cornell University and Harvard University.
Consultant Gorman Richardson Architects, Hopkington, MA

While acting as a technical Consultant working on issues of quality control, undertakes client outreach and arranges for client contact at Boston University.


“Provide field supervision and construction administration for renovation and new construction of masonry and steel commercial, industrial, and educational facilities. Build and renovate single family residences and related cabinet work both as designer and contractor. Design and construct freestanding furniture as well as built-in furniture for related architectural projects.”

Morgens House, Waitsfield, VT

Assume ownership of an existing construction company and build two single family houses on a 4.5 acre wooded site. Work includes field supervision, cost analysis, production scheduling and management of the field crew and subcontractors.

Mitchell House / House 4

Henry Mitchell, Owner, Corsica, PA

Design and construct a single family residence in an isolated area of Pennsylvania. Work includes hiring of the construction crew and subcontractors, scheduling of work, ordering materials and installing materials and equipment at the site.

Abbott House

Richard O. Abbott, Architect, Hull, MA

Build supporting structure of telephone poles , frame and sheath floor, walls and roof with associated openings and install finish roof and fascia of a seaside home located on a former dump and landfill. Installation of floor and wall finishes, MEP systems and related equipment is implemented by the Owner.

Villa Ana/ Hinged Doll House

Ana Nichols, Owner, Swampscott, MA

Design and construct from plywood, copper rods, dowels and lumber a hinged doll house 34” H x 34”L x 17” W that provide the user with 4 separate working doll house.

Lila’s Tree House, Lila Nichols, Owner, Cambridge, MA

Construct a panelized prefabricated structure made of wood, steel and that is bolted together. Inside the tree house there are two hinged platforms that serve as desks or sleeping bunks. The tree house can be demounted and stored for relocation to another site.



Bachelor of Architecture, Five-year, NAAB-Accredited Professional Program

Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art & Planning, Ithaca, NY

  •  Alpha Rho Chi Medal of Excellence, College of Architecture, Art & Planning
  •  Class Council, Class Representative
  • Varsity Hockey (3), Varsity Lacrosse (3), and Soccer (1)


United States Army Reserve, First Lieutenant, Honorable Discharge

Officer Training:

Infantry Officer Basic Course (IOBC)

Army Airborne School (USAAS)

Army Intelligence School (USAIS)

Army Special Warfare School (USASWS)

Active Duty:

Special Operations Officer

Special Intelligence Detachment, 3rd Special Forces Group, Ft. Bragg, NC

519 Military Intelligence Battalion, MACV/BS


Founder and President, Boston Organizing Committee for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Boston, MA

Former Honorary Member, Society of Architectural Historians, NE Chapter

Former Board of Directors, Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge, MA


Connecticut License No. 2394 (Inactive)

NCARB Registration No. 15437, Certification No.12060, National Council of Architectural Boards

Massachusetts License No. 3234

LEED Accreditation US Green Building Council (USGBC)


A detailed list and description of education, government service, projects and project work, DATA newspaper articles, awards, lectures, patents, and personal interests and references are available upon request. (SF-PM-Mar-14)