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Webb Nichols Architect & Professional Writer


Architecture & Urban Design

Design and innovate through project team collaboration that reflects the goals and objectives, program, budget and ethos of the client whether it be new construction or renovation, a simple or complicated building.

Products & Inventions

Take a product idea on the complicated and delicate journey from inception to “market“. Evaluate the product idea.  Achieve a price for the product which guarantees sales profit.

Professional Writing & Journalism

Prepare and edit newspaper and magazine articles, project proposals, studies and reports for a wide range of products, audiences and needs including media content and regulatory applications.

Graphics & Rendering

It is important to select  the appropriate medium that will reinforce the underlying nature of the project because the means of expression provides the critical first impression of continuity.

Business & Client Development

Develop and execute strategies to identify and reach new clients and projects to both create new client relationships and to expand existing and new client markets. Assist in successful strategic planning & objectives .

Drawing, Painting & Sculpture

Communicate the underlying issues and meaning, qualities and sensibilities of the subject and its context in a drawing, a painting, a sculpture or a poem.